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Have Fun & Make Extra Income: Learning New Skills Online

By Jesse Clark [email protected] The internet, as we know it today, made its debut in 1991, when a computer programmer named Tim Berners-Lee popularized the world wide web by showing it was a network of information accessible to anyone online. While the internet has changed...


Announcing our newest course!

Our newest online course that launches just in time for TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK 2020! Dr. Tracey Long and her twin sister Dr. Trina Boice have been teachers for decades so they created a fun and practical online course just for educators! Both Tracey and Trina have taught at the...


Online Courses Launch Date

We're so excited to announce that several new courses will be launching on May 1, 2019! We'll have more information for you as we get closer to the date. Until then, the courses we're preparing to go LIVE on May 1, 2019 are Spanish for Medical Professionals, Morning Ritual Magic and Nutrition...